Digital Library for powerful searching and data harnessing

Technologies Involved

Web Services, Java, HTML5 / CSS3, AngularJS, Jetty, Maven, SOAP, Bootstrap, Photoshop and Template Designing

Project Description

The most significant / functionality delivered undre this project is as follows:

  1. Search Page / Engine– The involved some main steps:
    • Each user being able to create their portal having a title, portal image, etc. 
    • User could carry out search based on keywords, time frame within which results were to be fetched and the sources from which data was to be fetched.
    • Once the search results were returned, user could publish the desired results to their portal.
    • User could also carry out multiple searches and publish to the current or any other portal created previously as per relevance.
    • The functionality also allowed the user to edit some parts of the articles fetched through search results.
    • User could remove content from portal or search results as per their requirements.
    • All the content published to the respective portals was saved to the database.
  2. The user could also create new articles and publish them to a portal. The new article functionality allowed to created an article from scratch or edit an article from a particular URL source by fetching its content and allowing the user to edit it in an editor.
  3. The home page of the website consisted of various portals under various heads like recent portals, trending portals, etc. User to navigate to the respective portal by clicking on it.
  4. Each article on a portal could be accessed through its detail page which again had the provision for editing, deleting, publishing an article. User could navigate to other detail page of other articles also. The article list navigation on article detail page allowed the user to know, which content was new and which was read / unread.
  5. The user could also manage their own profile as well as view list of all the portals created by them.
  6. Apart from the above, we also developed keyword based search functionality which looks up all the articles / portals in the website’s database to get the search results.