Man Power Staffing Companies Payroll, ROTA, Timesheet, Invoicing, Reporting Software

Technologies Involved

Asp.Net, Javascript, Web Services, XML, HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery, SMS Gateway Integration, Rest API, 3rd Party API Integration, MSSQL

Project Description

A leading online SAAS based workforce management solution to manage staff and deploying them across client sites, through a system that fully automates their processes. The main features include:

  1. A separate superadmin panel to achieve the SAAS model, which would allow to create new companies and separate storage (database and files) for each of them.
  2. Separate login area for Company Admins, Staff and Sub-Contractors.
  3. Ability to add staff as well site records where the staff would be deployed. The staff and the site functionality also have the ability to add the respective pay and billing rates based on various roles.
  4. Managing sub contractors, roles, users, access groups to restrict access for each user, billable items (other than staff), email / sms settings and other settings related to various modules like roster, invoicing, vetting, sage payroll integration and other general areas.
  5. Staff search function which lookups staff based on various criteria.
  6. A Roster system that allows area managers to define rotas for each week by adding the required shifts for each site and assigning staff to the respective shifts.Also includes SMS / email notifications, advanced staff search based upon distance from site (Google API), availability, compliance and other parameters.
  7. Absence booking system for booking an absence as well as being able to authorize / reject it.
  8. Timesheet entry facility on per week basis (as per the timesheets received from client sites)
  9. Invoicing module for creating invoice pdf for the yet to be invoiced timesheets. Applying of various business rules during invoice generation and the ability to view as well as email the invoices to the clients.
  10. Reports section to generate custom reports using the available entity definitions and combining more than one entity in a report and being able to produce report result based on the relations / joins that exist being various entities.
  11. Import and export facility using excel.
  12. Vetting module that covers the entire vetting process of a staff which includes verification using Endatio's credit checking for verifying the address of the user and recording all linked information from the same. Vetting also covers personal details, employment references, personal references, education history and any other custom information as requested by the company.
  13. Sub Contractor Panel to manage their own details as well as add / edit their staff as well as see billing details for their staff as pulled from the timesheet system
  14. Attendance System which is an android app which can be used on any touch screen device on client’s sites so that the staff can sign in/out with the option of using facial recognition.
  15. User help section in superadmin area for managing the page help as well tool tips for each field in the system