Chrome extension for Hospitals and Veterinary Doctors

Technologies Involved

Asp.Net, Javascript, HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery, .Net MVC, 3rd Party API Integration, JSON, Chrome Extension, Google Voice, Firebase, Web API

Project Description

The main functionality which has been implemented till date using the chrome extension is as follows:

  1. The admin, hospitals and doctors send memos (messages) to each other via their respective apps. Many a times, based on the status of the job, there are some standard memos that have to be sent by admin. To simplify this task, admin can now create memo templates with the template message and also define other details as to who would be sender of the message, etc.
  2. These templates are stored in firebase database and admin could add / edit / delete a memo template as well as change the order of the templates and therefore based on the ones that they use more could be sorted by their order.
  3. Admin can select from any of these template memos. The template memos also have many keywords related to hospital, doctor and the job as part of the message, which get replaced as per the hospital / doctor to whom the message is being sent. While sending it even replaces the gender words as per the gender of the doctor.
  4. There are various memos that are related to any job and any unauthorized memo needs to be monitored by the admin staff. In order to make the monitoring simpler, every unauthorized memo could be assigned a category.
  5. The extension also allowed for adding of a new category. The master category as well as each memo to category mapping is also stored in the Frebase database.
  6. On the memos list page, admin could filter the unauthorized memos by selected one or more categories.
  7. Another feature that Vetrelief admin uses frequently is the active queue of messages. The chrome extension extension shows important indicators for first time bids in this queue by scraping details from the list of all the bids placed for the respective job. The chrome extension also shows the bids that were pending on the Hospital or the Vet for a particular job.
  8. Chrome extension also enabled sending of SMS to doctors using the Google Voice facility. The admin can send message to multiple doctors at the same time. To simplify this, just like in case of memos, here also chrome extension provides the facility for saving SMS templates, so that admin could select and send the required message without having to type the standard messages again and again.