Chrome Extension for Subscription Based SEO Tools Access

Technologies Involved

PHP, Javascript, Wordpress, jQuery, API integration, Rest API, JSON, Chrome Extension, Mysql, Web API

Project Description

The main functionality which has been implemented using the wordpress website is as follows:

  1. User can register and login to the website.
  2. User can buy a subscription plan as per his requirements.
  3. The various subscription / membership plans are managed through the wordpress admin.
  4. The membership is managed through Stripe and we have implemented special membership modules in wordpress for the same to manage membership renewal, expiry, etc.
  5. The managing of various SEO tool details like their URL, login details, etc is also done through the wordpress.

The chrome extension handled the following:

  1. There were two chrome extensions developed. Though the core functionality was only in one extension, the purpose of having two extensions was in case one was disabled / removed, the user would be logged out of all the SEO tools and he/she would be able to access it only if both the extensions are installed on the user’s browser.
  2. In order for the user to be able to access the SEO tools, the following were required:
    • Both the extensions should be installed
    • After installation the user login details for the wordpress application should be loaded into the browser.
    • User should have a membership.
  3. The membership should not have expired or cancelled.
  4. If all of the requirements are met then the user can just load the URL of the respective SEO tools into the browser and he/she would be logged in automatically.
  5. A few extra steps were coded to support the logging into the respective SEO tools like setting the server cookie, filling up of captcha, etc.
  6. Other than this the login details of the SEO tools could be updated through the wordpress admin. In order to update the same, the extension had an “Update Credentials” button available, which when clicked would update the credentials into the extension. For any SEO tool for which the login details have actually been changed for the same the user would be logged out and logged in again with the updated credentials.
  7. On disabling or removing any extension, the user is logged out of all the SEO tools and the logout screen for the each of them is opened in the browser.