Online loan application integrated with Byte Pro API

Technologies Involved

.Net MVC, Asp.Net, C#, MSSQL, BytePro Loan SDK

Project Description

The step by step online loan application and its management with many conditional sections. The main highlights of the 12 steps are mentioned as below:

  1. Login page from where the user could choose to either start a new application or login to view an existing application. 
  2. Home page and Page 1 – these are mainly related to borrower information from where an applicant could choose to apply with or without spouse.
  3. Page 2 included some more details related to borrower.
  4. In the very first step, applicant could choose the type of loan i.e. whether they wished to “Get pre-approved”, “Buy a home” or “Get refinanced”. Based on this the screens which followed after this displayed relevant details to be filled in. 
  5. After Page 2, Page 3 is related to property information that is being mortgaged. This was based on type of loan.
  6. Page 4 asked the applicant about their employment details and page 5 allowed the applicant to fill in their earning details in the form of fixed / hourly salary, bonus, commission, overtime or any other earnings. Using page 6, applicant could fill in any other income they had through alimony, child support, pension, military earnings, pension, public assistance, etc.
  7. Page 7 – This allowed the applicant to fill in their assets in terms of bank accounts and their balance, gift funds, gift equity, net proceeds from sale of any property, etc.
  8. Page 8 – recorded the applicant’s expenses in terms of taxes, any existing mortgage, other housing expenses, etc.
  9. Page 9 and 10 were simple declarations by the applicant. Page 11 allowed the user to fill in race and ethnicity details.
  10. Page 12 – this was a confirmation, before the loan application is be completed followed by a Thank you page along with a link to login so that they can see their loan application.
  11. Before proceeding to the next step, each step’s data was saved to byte database as per the validations applied at each step.
  12. Separate Admin section which can be accessed by loan officers to view all applicants as well view loan application files associated with the applicant.