iPhone / iPad App for Medical Practitioners in Brazil

Technologies Involved

HTML5 / CSS3, xcode, iOS, Mobile App Front end, SQLITE

Project Description

The main features which were covered under the mobile app are as follows:

  1. Once the user accepted the disclaimer, they were taken to the slots / bookmarks screen. There were 6 slots on each page and user could traverse through each page using the flip animation. For a first time user only the option to add a bookmark was available.
  2. “Add a bookmark” functionality opened a menu from right to left.  The menu had a search functionality as well as listed all categories and the available journals / content under each. The search looked for matching text in content title, text of the content as well as the file names. Each content had a “+” icon to add the specific content to the main slots / bookmarks screen.
  3. The main crux of the app was the content organization and how it was accessed. The folder structure followed within the app was as follows: Language folder - > Resolution Folder -< Category Folder -> Category Content Folder - > Content Details Folder 
  4. There would be separate content detail pages for content type – text and video. The third type of content i.e. Calculators would be hard coded into the app logic.
  5. Apart from the above there would be a special category called as News for which there was no physical folder but the content was fetched (added / updated / deleted) on run time using a web service. The News web service was called each time the app was opened.
  6. The 4 calculators had a step by step screen to take some input parameters like weight, age, symptoms (yes / no answers) from the user and based on this it provided a final diagnosis as per the calculated results. Each calculator had its own login implemented in the app.