Manish Pushye

Director, US Sales

  • At Technousa, Manish Pushye has been acting as the main contact for all the leads originating from the US and the adjoining areas of that part of the world.
  • He has been successful in expanding Technousa's business and operations there and acts as the main coordinator between the clients and the offshore teams at Technousa.
  • His vision and approach has shaped up the global marketing strategy of the company.
  • He takes keen interest in all aspects of business, technology, products, team and customers at Technousa so that he can present the big picture to the clients.

Some more interesting facts

After doing his engineering in electronics and instrumentation and MBA in IT, Manish Pushye moved to United States and started working as an Oracle Apps Consultant there. He has always been very meticulous in his approach to whatever he does in life. After gaining valuable experience in some companies in US, he rolled out his own business. As an entrepreneur he has been successfully in running offshore as well as onshore operations for quite a few companies. Apart from work , he love to spend time with his two beautiful girls and exploring new places.

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