Online Loan Provider Website

Technologies Involved

Javascript, HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery, Sitefinity, PSd to HTML5 / CSS3, Microsoft Azure, SQL Azure, Responsive Web Design, Asp.Net, MSSQL, Windows Azure

Project Description

The website was built to overhaul the existing website for cashtime as well as automate some of its manual processes. Apart from functionality the main challenge was the competitive technology stack which included sitefinity as CMS, Windows and SQL Azure along with Azure Storage and developing web services to carry out various functions in the website.
The main functionality covered is listed below:

  1. The home page with carousal and rotator images functionality, all of which is managed through Sitefinity with the actual images being stored on Azure storage.
  2. Trivial pages like About Us, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Make payment, Various Loan type pages like (personal loans, title loans, online loans etc, the content of which would be managed through Sitefinity.
  3. Pages like Careers and Contact Us with forms and respective processing associated with each.
  4. Find a loan center – Allow the users to look for Cashtime loan centers and their associated details. The locations data was retuned using a web service and was rendered dynamically along with a Google map also to show the respective locations.
  5. Get directions – The user could enter their own location and get directions to the selected loan center using Google Directions API.
  6. Schedule appointment- User can select a loan center, fill in their own details along with appointment date and time and book an appointment as per the loan center’s working hours and the still available slots.
  7. Get Approved Now – Functionality was to get a loan approved online by filling in the step by step details as presented on the screen.
  8. Apart from the above the website also has a custom blog section, the content for which would be added by Cashtime through Sitefinity CMS.