Non profit online store for donating dictionaries

Technologies Involved

.Net MVC, 3rd Party API Integration, Asp.Net, Azure Storage, C#, Cloud, HTML5 / CSS3 (Responsive), Javascript, Microsoft Azure, Payment Gateway, Responsive Web Design, Rest API, SQL Azure, Web Services, Sitefinity, MSSQL, Web API

Project Description

The pages were designed per the selected theme and the backend coding was carried in Sitefinity and .Net and Technousa delivered the below for the dictionary project:

  1. Setting up the cloud based Sitefinity website as a UAT environment.
  2. Home page with a dictionary with flip action so as to simulate the actual reading through a dictionary. This was to display word of the day for last 7 days. Apart from that the home page had other important sections / links for the website.
  3. Developing the News module to manage the news from the backend with the required CRUD operations and displaying the same in the frontend as per the new theme.
  4. The sponsor a project section was divided into various sections to enable the intended sponsor to fill in the school information, find schools and then navigate to the dictionaries / products page which would contain various dictionaries.
  5. The sponsor can select and order boxes of dictionaries as per his preference. The complete checkout process was made smooth and simple with online payment taking place through
  6. The sponsor could add the dictionaries to the cart or also compare them before making the final decision.
  7. The product comparison page presented with the comparison between various dictionaries based on various details of each dictionary.
  8. The registration and login functionality was also implemented along with other trivial functionality like About, Information, Contact us, etc.
  9. Many SEO related customizations were also implemented for on page optimizations.