Real Estate portal in United Kingdom

Technologies Involved

Javascript, jQuery, Classic Asp, MSSQL

Project Description is one of the biggest real estate portal in UK who act as your online real estate agents. They offer services buying / selling and renting of properties across the country. Some of the main highlights of the system are as follows::

  1.  Real estate portal where propeties are uploaded by sellers / admin.
  2. Complete details of the property are visible from where the buyers can request a viewing. After the viewing the buyer can then make an offer.
  3. After this the entire life cycle of the offer is managed through the system from getting an offer in accepted to exchanged to completed state where the property is then marked as sold.
  4. Options to send sales memorandums and other letters through the emailing system.
  5. Various reporting options are also avaliable for admin staff.
  6.  Exposure on Rightmove and Zoopla