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Technousa is one of the best offshore responsive web design companies with offices in USA, UK and India. Go responsive cost-effectively without any compromise on quality!

Leverage the offshore cost advantage and our vast experience - 9 Years in Business. 500+ projects delivered. 100+ clients spread across 31 countries.

We Build Beautiful Websites that are Effective and Highly Responsive across Browsers & Devices/Platforms.

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Give us a dimension and we will give you a website that flows freely without any hassle, a website that easily adapts itself to any given device.

Although many publishers are starting to implement responsive designs, we aim at providing your websites an optimal viewing and interaction experience using the latest in CSS and HTML. Whether to resize, hide, shrink, zoom in-out or move the content to make it look good on any screen, we are up for this challenge. We provide these key elements:

  • Fluctuating Grids
  • Modifiable Text and Photos
  • Media Queries
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Why Responsive Design? – 6 Big Reasons to Go Responsive.

Responsive is the best way to prepare your website for the future mobile web. If you don't know about responsive web design, here is a quick and simple explanation: Responsive website is a one that adapts itself to multiple devices like Desktop, Smartphone, notebook, tablet etc and dynamically resizes its content and design to fit into screens of various sizes and ensures great user experience on any device.

  1. Responsive Website Design is recommended by Google
  2. Volume of Mobile searches surpassed Desktop searches in 2015 and Mobile friendliness is a Google ranking factor – if you want your website to perform well in Mobile searches, having a mobile friendly website is a necessity and responsive is currently the best option to go mobile-friendly for various reasons.
  3. Responsive web design is scalable. Your site can be made responsive to any new devices that may come to the market in the future.
  4. No Additional SEO Efforts – you don't have to optimize two websites like in case of websites that have separate mobile and desktop versions.
  5. Awesome user experience across devices.
  6. Responsive Web Design takes lesser time and cost compared to designing/developing separate mobile and desktop websites.

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