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Our SaaS experts have vast experience of delivering numerous SaaS applications successfully. Minimize IT cost. Reduce IT related Complexity and Work Load.

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SaaS and its Benefits Explained

SaaS (Software As a Service) is a cloud-based software licensing and delivery model that delivers software applications to clients over the Internet on-demand. This model helps you to cut software installation, up-gradation/management, maintenance and other related costs as applications are hosted and managed remotely by a third-party vendor.

This model helps you to worry less about IT/Software management and enables you to focus on your core business. It results in significant cost-saving as you don't have to have dedicated resources/department to manage your software applications and related infrastructure.

Moreover SaaS applications can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Seamless upgrades, scalability and integration are some of the features that make SaaS model profitable and attractive to businesses.

Other benefits that SaaS offers include great user experience and better collaboration, high security and compliancy and multi-tenant efficiency.

Technousa is one of the best offshore custom SaaS Product/Application Development Companies with offices in USA, India and UK. Our SaaS Application development team has several years of experience handling and delivering SaaS app development projects.

Our SaaS experts have vast knowledge, experience and expertise to develop SaaS applications for various business process requirements including CRM, B2B, B2C, ERP, CMS, Supply Chain Management and more (see our SaaS offerings list below). We build high performance SaaS applications that are scalable, reliable and secure. Technousa also assures superior service guaranteed by service level agreements (SLAs).

Technousa offers end-to-end SaaS solutions including

  • SaaS Product Conceptualization and Prototyping.
  • SaaS Application Development from Scratch, Customization and Upgrades
  • SaaS Application Deployment, Testing and Maintenance.
  • Existing IT Architecture Review and Recommendations
  • Re-architecting Existing Applications for SaaS environment (converting existing applications into enterprise-grade SaaS applications)
  • Cloud Consulting
  • SaaS/Cloud Migration Strategy and Implementation
  • Assistance to choose the right PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider
  • SaaS App Integration into an Existing Business Process.
  • SaaS API Integration

We offer custom SaaS solutions and services to both enterprises/businesses that want to move to SaaS/Cloud and also ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who intend to migrate their licensing models to SaaS.

Our SaaS Offerings

  • SaaS for CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )
  • SaaS for ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )
  • SaaS for B2B ( Business to Business )
  • SaaS for B2C ( Business to Consumer )
  • SaaS for Admin
  • SaaS for Sales
  • SaaS for HR ( Human Resource Management )
  • SaaS for Marketing
  • SaaS for Accounting
  • SaaS for CMS ( Content Management System )
  • SaaS for SCM ( Supply Chain Management )
  • SaaS for eCommerce
  • SaaS for DBMS ( Data Base Management System )
  • SaaS for Payroll Processing
  • SaaS for Booking Management
  • SaaS for MIS ( Management Information System )
  • SaaS for Messaging Solutions and more.
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