Ecommerce store for unique health products in Umbraco

Technologies Involved

HTML5 / CSS3, Umbraco, Ucommerce, MSSQL

Project Description

The various development tasks which were undertaken under adding of the ecommerce and other functionality to Oznatureshop are mentioned as below:

  1. Integrating uCommerce with the existing products catalogue in Umbraco and adding the ability to search through the products.
  2. Improved the product display and browsing by skinning them to have a better layout and navigation.
  3. Implemented a simple process for adding products to cart, calculating the sub-totals / totals and the ability to checkout with multiple addresses.
  4. Incorporated e-Path as the payment gateway which is the safest for online credit card payments in Australia.
  5. Updated the main navigation in the website header and also added the cart widget to the same.
  6. Developed custom controls in Umbraco for home page carousal and featured products to show the most popular products on home page. The featured products list can be easily updated from Umbraco.
  7. Did re-skinning of other pages like product detail page, category page, etc to improve the overall design as well as implemented functionality like SEO friendly URLs, breadcrumbs, etc.
  8. Also implemented the newsletter module along with showing the products of interest to customers as per their purchase history.